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Journal Publications

Elgewely, E. (2017) “3D Reconstruction of Furniture Fragments from the Ancient Town of Karanis”, Studies in Digital Heritage, 1(2), pp. 409-427. (Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)  

Wendrich, W., Simpson, B. & Elgewely, E.(2014) “Karanis in 3D: Recording, Monitoring, Re-contextualizing and the Representation of Knowledge and conjecture”. Near Eastern Archaeology Journal, 77(3), pp. 233-237. (Jstor, Scopus) 

Conference Presentations

Elgewely, E. (2021). From PowerPoint Presentations to Digital Storytelling: An Educational Approach Based on the "Reviving Karanis in 3D" Project Case Study. In International Conference of Terra Mosana: Sustainable Digital Heritage. Maastricht, Netherlands. Retrieved from

Elgewely, E. (2021). Virtual Heritage as a Spatial Storyteller: The "Reviving Karanis in 3D" Project Case Study In ARCE's 2021Annual Meeting.

Elgewely, E. and Wendrich, W.(2015) "Reviving Karanis in 4D: Reconstruction of Space through Time", Ebook Proceeding of Cultural Heritage & New Technologies(CHNT). 

Elgewely, E. and Wendrich, W.(2015) "Virtually United in Real Time: Museum Collections and  Archaeological Context Explored," Digital Heritage International Congress, IEEE, Granada. (IEEE explore, Scopus) 


Elgewely, E.(2015) "From Museum to Virtual Environments: Reuniting Photogrammetric 3D Models of Karanis Archaeological Objects  In their Original Settings",  Polish-Egyptian Seminar on Protection of Cultural Heritage, Bibliotheca Alexandrina.


Elgewely, E.(2014) "Reviving Karanis: The Re-contextualization of Archaeological Objects in 3D, Theoretical Archaeological Group Conference(TAG), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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